Welcome to my blog – how did you get here? Perhaps you clicked on a random link, or a page linked from one of my ‘tags’, maybe you found this by accident or were recommended by a friend – however you happened to come here, I’m glad that you did.
The main purpose of this space is to publish some of my thoughts about the amazing and not-so-amazing novels and stories I read.  I love to read, and my favourite ‘genre’ of book is fantasy. A lot of the books I muse about or review on here will be fantasy, however occassionally I’ll delve into other fictions and be swept away into less fantastical adventures too.
What is it about books and reading that makes me want to maintain a blog about it? The short answer is: escapism.  I love the fact that I can get on a train full of smelly strangers on my way to and from my day job, pull out a novel, and be transported to another world full of dragons and magic and intriguing characters. I love reading for this reason, and I love writing for this reason too. I do dream that one day, eventually, I too will be able to transport those smelly people on the train into my make-believe worlds and delight them with imagination and creativity. Yes, my friends, I am another wanna-be author.
My favourite authors are; Robin Hobb, John Marsden, J.K Rowling and Fiona McIntosh. These authors manage to both thrill me and depress me with their talent at the keyboard. Amazing to read, inspiring to write. Hobb especially, with her tales about the Fool and her subtle storytelling technqiues simply take my breath away. Marsden, whilst not exactly a fantasy writer, has completey won me over through his Tomorrow series. I grew up reading John Marsden and he continues to enthrall me as a 25 year old ‘adult’.
Thanks for visitng, I hope you return. I also encourage you to comment on my posts, because that’s just plain fun for me as well as involving for you!

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