The Dragon Keeper

Illustration by Jackie Morris

Illustration by Jackie Morris

So Hobb is back and, dare I say it, in some of her finest form yet.  Another trilogy set in The Realm of the Elderlings, this time following the mal-formed dragons (the former serpents in the The Liveship Traders trilogy) on their journey to the legendary city of Kelsingra, and the human characters of Alise Kincarron Finbok and Thymara.  

I admit to struggling through Hobb’s previous trilogy, Soldier Son. Shaman’s Crossing felt like it went on forever and I couldn’t seem to connect with its characters. I had no such troubles with The Dragon Keeper; a book I completely ravaged as Sintara might an elk. The collection of characters that Hobb has created are charming, intricate, loveable and frustrating alike. From Thymara’s and Alise’s coming-of-age type storyline, to the dragons Sintara and Mercor’s struggles with their deformities and sense of destiny, The Dragon Keeper is a myriad of colour and personality.
I was sad when it ended, yet inspired to again delve into Hobb’s previous works to relive the amazing journeys this writer is capable of taking me on. I loved Thymara’s sweet connection with her father, Rapskal’s undying optimism yet obvious loneliness, Alise’s growing sense of self and Leftrin’s hopeless infatuation with the lady from Bingtown. By the end of the book I loathed Sedric in the way that only Hobb seems able to make me dislike a character, with a sense of personal affront and frustration.
I can’t stand reading a trilogy that hasn’t been finished yet almost as much as I couldn’t stand the thought of not immediately devouring every word that Hobb writes as soon as they’re available.  Thoroughly enjoyable, a few minor glitches that were easily overlooked, I can’t wait for number two.

~ by escapistfiction on October 26, 2009.

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