Myrren’s Gift – The Quickening

Artwork by Les Peterson & Mike Golding

Artwork by Les Peterson & Mike Golding

Myrren’s Gift was the first Fiona McIntosh book I read. 

I had not heard anything about her, nor her books. As I wandered through Dymock’s searching for a new story to whisk me into fantastical escapism, my gaze was arrested initially by the awesome cover artwork of McIntosh’s books. Similar, I thought, to some of Robin Hobb’s cover art. I picked the book up and turned to the blurb, only to read a recommendation from Robin Hobb herself. Sold! If Hobb likes it, I’ll like it, I thought. And I wasn’t disappointed.
The Quickening absolutely delighted me, not just because it was a freshly crafted narrative with intriguingly textured characters, but also because of the way in which McIntosh writes. Not overly elaborate, yet far from simple, her use of language is perfect. Reading her work is simply a pleasure. 
Wyl’s travels with his soulful and inexplicably intelligent friends; Fynch the gong boy and the beastly canine Knave, take him and the reader to consistently unexpected places in a world where magic happens- much to the ignorance of most of its inhabitants.
I was completely sucked into the story of The Quickening, which sometimes left me gasping for breath as it craftily changed direction again and again. I read the entire trilogy in about a week and loved it so much, I immediately went out and bought McIntosh’s first trilogy ‘Trinity’.  
Without hesitation, I recommend The Quickening trilogy to any fantasy fiction fan. If you like imaginitive stories with enigmatic characters, The Quickening is for you.  Enjoy!

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  1. Sounds great, I will have to go and look for these books myself 🙂

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